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Pyuriti For Gyms

As gym owners, general managers, and disinfection technicians, you rely on memberships to help pay the bills and the salaries for you and your employees.

As health and wellness experts, we recognize the need for those memberships to help people live their best lives by building up their hearts and immune systems through exercise.

Which is why we’ve tailored some of products with gyms specifically in mind, knowing that you’re just as concerned with your members’ overall wellness as we are.

Based specifically on the fact that your equipment requires multiple people to touch or hold the exercise equipment, we’ve worked with some of the top scientists in the field to ensure that our solutions deliver uncompromising cleaning power!

And, with options to help clean the air around patrons and staff when they enter and exit your facility, we can help your clientele feel confident that you’re taking every precaution to help protect their wellness, while also encouraging them to live their healthiest lives:

The Pyuriti Gym Sanitation Solutions

Pyuriti Water

A powerful yet non-toxic Universal Cleaner, Pyuriti Water is on the cutting edge of clean tech developments as it offers the power of chlorine with the safety of water in an 18 month shelf stable form.

Pyuriti Water is the perfect eco-friendly cleaner for gyms and their employees as it can be used all day, every day of the week.

Come experience The Future of Clean with your first bottle of Pyuriti Water Universal Cleaner!

Pyuriti Pulse

Ready for use both indoors and outdoors, the Pyuriti Power Pulse comes with a backpack for larger facilities or the Pyuriti Pulse for those seeking a handheld ULV sprayer.

When used with Pyuriti Cleanse our Pyuriti Pulse line of ULV sprayers offer unmatched efficiency and efficacy to power your disinfection and sanitation operations.

The Pyuriti Seal

Placed on windows or at the entrance of your business, the Pyuriti seal is a symbol not just of your dedication to keeping your members safe, but also an icon that helps to show your customers how often, and how frequently, you’re putting that effort into action.

Help your fitness fanatics feel more comfortable coming into your gym by applying for and utilizing the Pyuriti Seal to show them how committed you are to their health and wellness!

Pyuriti Retail Opportunities

Your business, like ours, is focused on keeping your members as healthy as possible.

Which is why we’re not focused on being exclusive on our sales.

Not only do we want to help you clean your own facilities, but we know that your location isn’t the only place where your members can be infected by germs, diseases, and bacteria.

And, when members start breaking the fitness cycle, they’re also more likely to cancel their memberships or drop their personal training sessions.

As we’re all invested in making sure that people can live their best lives, we want to leave that door open for you, to ensure that not only are you making the spread of illnesses more difficult in your facility, but also that you can help decrease this outside of the gym.

Here’s some of the ways that you can do this:

Pyuriti Gel Hand Sanitizer

Available in 2 oz, 16 oz, and 128 oz bottles, Pyuriti Gel is the perfect solution for killing 99.99% of germs on the hands where 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted.

And, with the size selection, you have the perfect opportunity for at home, on-the-go, or when you’re planning a trip and need to get the sanitizer through TSA.

Pyuriti Water

The same cleaner that’s used with the Pyuriti Pulse isn’t just applicable for your gym. It’s also safe enough for the gym.

Sold to your members, this solution is a spray and walk away solution that allows them to help make the spread of germs and bacteria as difficult as possible in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Pyuriti One

Let your members make their own versions of universal cleaner at home!

With nothing more than tap water and other home ingredients, this countertop unit simply plugs into the outlet to create an organic cleaner which mimics the body’s own immuno-response system to clean surfaces off all kinds. 

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