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With products that are strong enough for the hospital,

But safe enough for home use

Cleaners, Sanitizers, and Everything In Between

When we wake up, the last thing that we want to think about is germs.

And the last thing we want to feel is sick.

That’s because there’s so much to do in a day.

Whether it’s getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, or even getting yourself ready for your own courses, our priorities are about geared around ensuring we can either pay the bills tomorrow, or have a future where we can work towards further success.

And, while sickness can keep us away from the job, either our own illness or those who live with us, there never seems to be enough time in the day to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep ourselves healthy while still getting everything else done that needs to be taken care of.

Which is why we’ve geared our products to not just help in making the spread of infectious germs as difficult as possible, but to also be:

  • As eco-friendly as possible
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • And most importantly, quick and easy to use

Meaning that in seconds, you can do your part to not just keep yourself healthy, but also make sure your helping keeping others safe as well!

Pyuriti Products for Personal Use

Pyuriti Water

Pyuriti Water Universal Cleaner represents the next generation of powerful, non-toxic, sustainable cleaning power based on the same chemical our own white blood cells produce.

Pyuriti Water is the versatile cleaner you, your loved ones, and your friends have been waiting for as it offers the power of chlorine with the safety of water.

Discover The Future of Clean and make it a part of your home today!

Pyuriti One

Reduce spending on cleaning products by making your own!

With nothing more than tap water and some salt, the Pyuriti One countertop Pyurit Water generator can help you produce Pyuriti solutions to give you on demand cleaners to create a spray and walk away solution that is entirely non-toxic for home use.

Pyuriti Mist

A Revolution in Skincare

Pyuriti Mist Hand + Face Refresher uses our PyurSkin technology to deliver a rejuvenating mist that hydrates your skin leaving it soft and clean.

Best of all, because it is the same chemical produced by our own white blood cells, Pyuriti Mist is ideal for all skin types and is vegan, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.

How Pyuriti Is Making Public Locations Safer

We’re not just limited to personal hygiene.

With our goal of making the world a healthier place, it starts with creating a healthier eco-system.

Something we’re proud to be able to provide so that you know that when you walk into a store, office, gym, hospital, or any business in general, you can know that not only are they working to protect your health, but that they’re also working utilizing effective, eco-friendly solutions to keep you as safe as possible when you visit them.

Before you shop, make sure to look for the Pyuriti seal of approval!

Pyuriti Pulse

Our Pyuriti Pulse line of ULV sprayers makes cleaning and disinfecting as effective and efficient as possible for large jobs by expanding the exposure of our Pyuriti Water Universal Cleaner

The Pyuriti Seal

Your symbol for not just knowing which businesses are using Pyuriti, but also how often they’re using it so that you can feel confident knowing that company takes your health and safety as seriously as you do

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