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As hospitality managers, owners, executives, and employees, you rely on people visiting your business or using your service to get from point A to point B to pay the bills, payroll, and ensure that your company can grow and be ready for the future.

But, following government shutdowns, flawed reopenings, and continuing customer health concerns, not only have revenues taken a hit, but without a publicized sanitization plan using the most effective solutions, hospitality businesses will struggle to help reestablish customer confidence to get them through their doors.

Not only does Pyuriti help provide you with the products and solutions to help sanitize and disinfect your location, facilities, vehicles, or planes, we have the science to prove that our products can be 80-100x more effective than bleach while still being completely eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Or, simply put, our products are strong enough for the hotel and planes, and safe enough for restaurants and bars, even on food prep stations, beds, and seating!

And, with our seal, your customers can feel confident walking in knowing that you are doing your best to protect their health before they’ve entered and as they’re planning their next trip outside of the home.

The Pyuriti Hospitality Solutions

Pyuriti Water

Pyuriti Water Universal Cleaner is made using our breakthrough Electro-Pyur process that results in shelf stable HOCl for 18 months.

Pyuriti Water can be used to clean any hard surface from floor to ceiling from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between, it even cleans glass!

Pyuriti Water is strong enough to handle even the toughest cleaning jobs and safe enough to go wild.

Pyuriti Pulse

For hard, non-porous surfaces, the Pyuriti Pulse line features a handheld version for smaller jobs and a backpack for larger facilities.

Built for use with Pyuriti Water, the Pyuriti Pulse uses ULV technology to help make the spread of germs as difficult as possible on contact!

Simply spray and walk away as the solution dries to keep your patrons, guests, and customers as safe and healthy as possible!

Pyuriti Gel Hand Sanitizer

While soap and water may be the preferred method for hand sanitization, sometimes, getting to a sink isn’t always easy in the hospitality business. After all, theme parks are pretty large and there aren’t always bathrooms nearby every attraction.

Or, you may provide transportation services to help workers get to their jobs, travelers do some sightseeing, or a taxi or Uber/Lyft driver helping keep the roads safe as designated drivers for people just looking for a night out.

For all those times when getting to soap and water isn’t easy, our hand sanitizer is designed to not only meet, but surpass the minimum amounts required by the CDC and WHO for killing 99.99% of germs on the hands.

And, while Pyuriti Gel is available for countertop and travel sizes, we’ve also designed specific mounts for walls of physical locations to ensure that you, and your employees are never having to wonder where you left the sanitizer.

The Pyuriti Tunnel

Placed at the entrances and exits of hotels, restaurants, theme parks, movie theaters, and more, the Pyuriti Tunnel disperses a fine mist of non-invasive, non-toxic, hypoallergenic Pyuriti Water solution to help clean the air around customers and employees before they enter the facility, and right as they leave, giving your patrons a unique and comforting experience inside a pop-up Pyuriti Cloud.

And, with three sizes available, we also ensure that whether you’re a large facility or a strip mall location, we have solutions for any physical location.

Combined with the Pyuriti Seal, you can help reinforce confidence in your business that you’re trying to ensure your location is taking every precaution to keep your members healthy, well, and living their best lives.

The Pyuriti Seal

Placed on windows or doors using a temporary adhesive, the Pyuriti seal is a symbol to your customers that you’re dedicated to protecting their health when they’re inside the place where you do business, even if that location happens to be mobile.

But, beyond that, it helps to further reaffirm this trust by identifying the last time you purchased a Pyuriti product, or the most recent time that a Pyuriti Certified Disinfectant Technician came by to sanitize the surfaces of your location.

Help your foodies, travelers, thrill seekers, movie buffs, passengers, and more increase their confidence with your business by applying for and utilizing the Pyuriti Seal to show them how committed you are to their health and well-being!

Pyuriti Retail Opportunities

Your business, like ours, relies on healthy customers to keep the income flowing.

Which is why we’re not focused on being exclusive on our sales.

Not only do we want to help you promote the cleanliness of your own businesses, but we know that your location isn’t the only place where your customers can be infected by germs, diseases, and bacteria.

And, when people are traveling, or away from home on hot summer days, they’re not only further away from soap and water, but, they’re also more frequently in public places where they’re susceptible to illness.

As we’re all invested in making sure that people can live their best lives, we want to leave that door open for you, to ensure that not only are you making the spread of illnesses more difficult in your businesses, but also that you can help decrease the spread of sicknesses outside your facilities.

Here’s some of the ways that you can do this:

Pyuriti Gel Hand Sanitizer

Available in 2 oz and 16 oz bottles, Pyuriti Gel is the perfect solution for killing 99.99% of germs on the hands where 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted.

Which helps to keep your guests and customers safe as they’re doing some sightseeing on vacation, seeking thrills in a theme park, or enjoying a concert/sports event.

Pyuriti Mist

Pyuriti Mist is a refreshing face and spray that uses a very low concentration of our Pyuriti Water solution at .005% to purify and hydrate the skin.

Which just helps to keep your customers, visitors, patrons, and passengers healthy and happy throughout the day, especially after the gym or a sightseeing day in the sun!

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