It’s Time to Step Up Your Cleaning Game

Now more than every people around the world are learning or relearning the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene practices. Ultrasonic misting represents the cutting edge of disinfection delivery with a spray footprint 4 x 15 feet and capable of covering 15,000 square feet per tank. Designed around a top tier motor, the Pyuriti Pulse is lightweight with a rechargeable battery to help you tackle even the biggest jobs.


Adjustable precision nozzle valve to easily change the flow rate

Up to 40-micron top droplet size

1.6-gallon tank with clog resistant nozzle

Any water-based product can be used (we recommend HOCL)

Handheld with should strap option

8.8 pounds

Pyuriti Pulse Handheld Ultrasonic Mister Directions

Fill tank with Pyuriti Cleanse or Pyuriti Water

Adjust precision nozzle valve to desired droplet size

Put on should strap (optional)

Turn on Pyuriti Pulse and apply to all hard surfaces as desired

Take your sanitation game to the next level with the power of Pyuriti Pulse Handheld Ultrasonic Mister to keep your facilities as clean as possible.

Safety Information

• Keep out of reach of small children

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