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Pyuriti For Universities

The University experience is one that can’t be replicated. Not just in the fact that it gives students a chance to find their footing as they’re living on their own for the first time, but also in that they get to learn the skills they’ll need for life and find a chance to make new friends that they can carry with them for a lifetime.

But doing so, also requires hiring and employing a great faculty who can provide the education and resources necessary for those students to be qualified for jobs after their education is complete.

It also requires a great custodial and maintenance staff to ensure the health for each of the students and faculty combined so that the education can continue as normal.

And, with students filling in the classrooms, as well as the dorms, there’s always the potential for the spread of disease and illness.

Make the spread of these sicknesses as difficult as possible with the Pyuriti ecosystem!

The Pyuriti University Sanitation Solutions

Pyuriti Water

Pyuriti Water is our breakthrough Universal Cleaner and proprietary HOCl formula.

Pyuriti Water is an incredibly versatile cleaning product that is ready for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When used with our Pyuriti Tunnel it helps clean the air outside entrances and exits to buildings on campus.

Pyuriti Water can handle even the toughest cleaning jobs yet is non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-flammable, and 100% biodegradable.

Pyuriti Pulse

Ready for use on hard, non-porous surfaces, the Pyuriti Pulse line of products take all the power of Pyuriti Cleanse and create a fine mist through ULV technology to help maximize coverage area per tank to take your cleaning game to the next level.

Make large footprint sanitation a snap with Pyuriti Cleanse delivered by one of our Pyuriti Pulse line of ULV sprayers!

The Pyuriti Seal

Placed on windows at the entrance and exits of buildings on your campus as well as your website, the Pyuriti seal not only helps to reinforce your dedication to keeping your students, faculty, and boosters safe, but also helps provide prospective students and student parents with the confidence that you’re doing everything possible to creating a safe environment, not just for learning, but maturation.

And, with updated seals, as well as certified Pyuriti disinfection technicians, we ensure that you can reinforce that confidence to your dedication for those living on, working, or just visiting the campus!

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