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Pyuriti For Restaurants

It’s no secret that delivery apps eat away at your profits.

Left unchecked these losses not only make it more difficult for you make payroll, but also to keep the doors open. 

To counter those losses, you need to ensure that you’re bringing customers in through experiences that not only help ensure that you’re giving them an experience that’s worth their effort for walking out thd front door, but also which allows them to feel that they’ll be safe and healthy eating at your tables.

Pyuriti can help!

Not only with your cleaning needs, but through our programs designed to ensure your patrons and customers know you’re doing everything to keep them safe from the first moment they walk through your doors!

All with solutions that are eco-friendly yet can handle the toughest jobs across all your equipment, food preparation areas, and even cutting boards.

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Restaurant Hygiene Solutions With Pyuriti

Pyuriti Water

Pyuriti Water Universal Cleaner is a groundbreaking combination of safety and efficacy in an eco-friendly formula that is unmatched in both traditional cleaning products and green cleaning products alike.

Pyuriti Water is incredibly versatile as it can clean floor to ceiling including glass, stainless steel, and much more.

It is strong enough for any cleaning job in the front or back of the house yet is non-toxic and is safe to use without any PPE unlike many traditional restaurant cleaners.

Pyuriti Pulse

Using ULV technology, the Pyuriti Pulse line of sprayers helps to ensure that our Pyuriti Cleanse disinfectant can help stick to hard, non-porous surfaces for maximum cleaning and disinfecting power while delivering a mist at the most effective and efficient size and rate.

Pyuriti Pulse and Power Pulse help to ensure that you’re keeping all surfaces as clean as possible and deterring the spread of infectious diseases as much as you can.

The Pyuriti Seal

Placed on windows or at the entrance of your restaurant, the Pyuriti seal is a symbol not just of your dedication to keeping your members safe, but also an icon that helps to show your customers how often, and how frequently, you’re putting that effort into action.

Help your foodies and diners feel more comfortable coming into your restaurant by applying for and utilizing the Pyuriti Seal to show them how committed you are to their health and wellness during their dining experience!

Pyuriti Savings Opportunities!

Your business, like ours, is focused on keeping people as healthy as possible to ensure that you can provide the best experience possible.

Which is why we’re also making it even more affordable for you .

Not only do we want to help you clean your own restaurant, but we want to make sure you have access to products that help you save over the long run with results that are move effective over the top shelf brands.

Pyuriti One

Make your own Pyuriti Water on site!

With nothing more than tap water and salt that you already have in your kitchen, this countertop unit can create the same Pyuriti Water solution to help clean your establishment.

Helping to keep yourself, your employees, and your clients as healthy and happy as possible without affecting the food you serve!

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