Easy Set Up. Easy Take Down. Cleaning Throughout the Day!

Make your own Pyuriti Clouds to clean the air wherever you need it!

Set up at the entrances and exits to your office, store, building, or ANYWHERE that you do business, the Pyuriti Tunnel helps clean the air around your customers, clients, and employees before they enter and after they’ve exited your location.

And, by showing your commitment to their health and well-being, it can help you bring in more money through PR and increased confidence from customers more likely to not just visit your business, but spend their cash there.

Coming in three sizes for businesses of all types, the Pyuriti Tunnel creates a fine mist of our Pyuriti Water solution that is dispursed through four sprayers installed throughout the tunnel to ensure maximum coverage with a universal cleaner that has been shown to be:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-invasive

All while giving patrons a unique and reassuring Pyuriti Tunnel experience!


100% Natural



Easy Setup and Store

Made in the USA

Customized Branding Available

Pyuriti Tunnel Directions


  • Unroll the tunnel near the entrance and exits of your business
  • Place sandbags or stakes at the corners
  • Plug the blower in and connect it to the tunnel before turning it on
  • Inflate the tunnel
  • Connect the tunnel through the nebulizer tubes
  • Turn the sprayers on

Liquid Replacement

  • Turn the sprayers off
  • Remove pump from the bucket
  • Swap the nebulizer tube to a new, full bucket
  • Turn on the nebulizer


  • Disconnect the solution from the nebulizer tubes
  • Reverse flow of blower for faster deflation
  • Unplug the blower
  • Allow the unit to dry off (should take no more than ten minutes
  • Tightly roll up the tunnel
  • Store inside for safe keeping!
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Active Ingredient:

.02% Hypochlorous Acid

Inactive Ingredients

99.98% Electrolyzed Water

Experience the Future of Clean Mobile Environments with the Pyuriti Tunnel!

Safety Information

  • Store between 59°-86° F
  • Avoid freezing and excessive heat above 104° F
  • Keep Secure or Out of Reach of Children
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